The Best "Tiffany Blue" Watches from ModWatches

The Best "Tiffany Blue" Watches from ModWatches

Welcome back to another ModWatches blog post! In this post, I thought it'd be a great idea to show you some of my best Tiffany blue watches in my mod collection. These watches are all available for sale from our website,

If you want to purchase any of these, please feel free to check out the website or get in touch on our customs line. If we are out of stock, we can make it for you if you're willing to wait a couple of weeks.

So, let's get straight into the details!

Tiffany Blue Arabic Dial Datejust

The first watch I want to show you is the Tiffany Blue Arabic Dial Datejust. This is a Seiko NH35 mod featuring a very nice Tiffany blue face with a 3D texture pattern. It comes with Arabic numerals, making it a unique piece compared to the usual English digits found on Datejusts.

This watch boasts 30m water resistance, making it suitable for light splashing near the pool. The legibility is excellent, even under bright sunlight, thanks to the light face and Arabic numerals. The hands also feature lume for visibility in low light.

When it comes to styling, this watch pairs nicely with an old-money aesthetic, such as linen shirts or pants. However, it can also be dressed down with shorts and flip-flops. You can purchase this stunning piece from ModWatches.

Full Tiffany Blue CasiOak Mod

Next up, we have the Full Tiffany Blue CasiOak Mod. This watch is similar in color to the first one, but without the Arabic numerals. The entire face, hour ring, and hands are Tiffany blue, making it a standout piece, especially in the summer.

The watch features a 40mm wide face, slightly larger than the 39mm Seiko mod. It's equipped with a silver AP-style stainless steel bracelet that is corrosion-proof, and it comes with 200m water resistance, making it perfect for swimming.

The legibility remains top-notch due to the light-colored dial, and it also has great lume. The AP-style bracelet with individual links adds a stylish touch, reflecting sunlight beautifully. This piece is available on a custom order basis, so if you're interested, please contact us on our WhatsApp line. To purchase, visit ModWatches.

Tiffany Blue Casioak Mod on Blue Rubber Strap

Modified CasiOak Offshore Tiffany Blue Dial on Blue Rubber Strap - Q Wrist - Modified Watches

Last but not least, I want to share one of my personal favorites from my Tiffany Blue collection: the Tiffany Blue Casioak Mod on the blue rubber strap.

This watch is absolutely stunning and one of our best sellers for good reason.

Unlike the previous Casioak mod, this one features just a pop of Tiffany blue on the face, complemented by a blue rubber strap. The rubber strap is comfortable and flexible, making it perfect for summer when your wrist size may change slightly throughout the day.

This watch also has 200m water resistance, allowing you to swim, dive, or splash around with ease. For more details or to purchase this watch, head over to ModWatches.


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